Down Payment Assistance Program

Down Payment Assistance Program

How we are making a difference in our Homeowners lives.

How we are making a difference in our Homeowners lives.

Down Payment Assistance You Can Rely On

Our Best Customer is an Educated Consumer!

We are proud of our common sense - no income limit Down Payment Assistance program, which does not limit the combined household incomes of applicants to be less than 80% of Area Median Household Incomes.

Unlike, most States, Counties and City programs require that Homebuyers earn less than 80% of their Area Median Household Incomes as a condition to receive Down Payment Assistance.

We believe that income limit requirements reduces the Homebuyers's probabilities of becoming homeowners: such inadequate requirement coupled with High Consumer Debt (Credit Cards, Student Loans, etc.) and today's Highly Priced homes reduces the probabilities of obtaining Mortgage Loan Approvals from Banks or Lenders.

Instead, we are proud to say that our no income limit Down Payment Assistance Program results in higher probabilities of Homeownership.

We're always open to hear from our homeowners and Associate Members. If you'd like to provide us with new ideas or feedback regarding our Down Payment Assistance, please let us know.



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