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Welcome to FundMyHome.org Customer Success Training. Our Best Customer is an Educated Consumer.

HI STANDARDS.... We expect a lot from you because you deserve a lot from us. We understand that purchasing your new home may be one of the most important and exciting decisions that you will make in your life time, as such we are committed to making this experience as delightful as the time you will spend in your new home.

RAISING THE BAR.... With FundMyHome.org you will pilot through the process well informed, well prepared and confident of the potential outcome before you proceed with your homebuying experience, in other words, for your convenience, you will be First Conditionally Approved by FundMyHome.org and its Preferred Lenders before you engage our preferred Realtors, or engage a Seller into contract.

This training is created to Help prepare our Down Payment Assistance recipients to effectively navigate through the application process of our amazing Down Payment Assistance program. It is important to follow each step precisely as instructed to insure a smooth efficient process.

NOTICE.... FundMyHome.org is neither a Lender nor a Residential Real Estate Broker, as such. it does not lend or broker Mortgages, nor broker the purchase or sale of Residential Real Estate. FundMyHome.org is a Down Payment Assistance program managed in Collaboration with Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Our Associate Members are strictly prohibited from acting as, or representing themselves or FundMyHome.org as a Lender or a Residential Real Estate Broker. They are Independent Contractors who promote our Down Payment Assistance.

PLEASE NOTE..... We will not sell your information to a third party company, it is FundMyHome.org in collaboration with Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization who/will Donate some or all the funds you need for Down Payment and/or Closing Costs. Our Down Payment Assistance is gifted to you without liens or second mortgages.

Our Best Customer is an Educated Consumer. Our goal is to share our knowledge, tools and skills with you in order to educate you and empower you with the ability to discover and decide for yourself whether you are a potential good fit for FundMyHome.org Before you apply for our Down Payment Assistance.


(a) Some or most of them require upfront Application Fees, and drive you through lengthy processes which last well in excess of 6 months.

(b) Run out of funds quickly as they have limited funds allocated for Down Payment Assistance. therefore. place you in standby lists.

(c) Require that you attend and pay for an 8 hour First Time Home Buyer class before you apply.

(d) Require that you sign a purchase agreement on a home and give your seller a deposit before you apply for assistance.

(e) Restrict your TOTAL household income to less than 50-80% of your Area Median Household Income.

(f) Require 6 months Banks Statements, Financial Statements, Paystubs, W2’s and Tax Returns from all the persons in your household who receive any type of income regardless of who will be a part of the mortgage loan. This may include retirement and Social Security Income of Grandparents and the part time income of Children. This Combined Household Income may easily disqualify you as it may exceed 50-80% of your Area Median Household income.

(g) Require repayment of their Down Payment Assistance, and require you to utilize the services of their participating Lenders and Realtors.

FundMyHome.org is not a Government Backed Program. Nevertheless, it requires its Preferred Lenders to provide Government Back Loans. With FundMyHome.org there are no Stand by Waiting lists. The whole buying process typically takes 60 - 90 days from Application to Close.


(1) You help us Publicize the “Grant Event” to your Friends and Family by posting a Social Media Post when you get a “Clear to Close” before you close. We Provide the Content for this Social Media Post.

(2) You utilize the services of our preferred Lenders and Realtors.


AND NOW THE PROCESS.... You must first become well acquainted with our “Potential Eligibility” discovery process before proceeding to complete your application, this educational video explains. What we are, what we are not. FundMyHome.org Frequently Asked Questions, and Workflow from Application to Close. FundMyHome.org Down Payment Assistance Calculator, Zillow.com, The United States Department of Veteran Affairs, The United States Department of Agriculture, Credit Karma, Overview of the Required Supportive Documentation. How to obtain your Fund My Home.org Customer ID number, Where to call Our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Counseling Department to Complete your Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Needs Analysis, And finally, How to submit your Application and upload your Supportive Documentation.

LET’S REVIEW.... What is FundMyHome.org? FundMyHome.org is a Down Payment Assistance program managed in collaboration with Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization Providing Home Ownership Opportunities. We help Lenders close more Home-Buyers by helping to provide some or all the Money needed for Down Payment and Closing Costs. Our Goal is to help bring Home-Buyers to Close with ZERO or Little out of Pocket.

FundMyHome.org is not a Lender. Nevertheless, FundMyHome.org helps its preferred lenders approve more Home-Buyers by helping to provide funds needed for Down Payment and Closing Costs. Also, on a case by case basis it may provide Home-Buyers with the funds they need to pay-off old collection accounts; this helps to lower Home-Buyer’s Debt to Income Ratios, therefore increasing their Purchasing Power.

FundMyHome.org also helps Home-Buyers increase Credit Scores by helping to insert their Rental History, Utilities, Mobile Phone Bills, and Insurance Payments on their Credit Reports.

Non-Repayable.... Unlike some or most Cities, Counties and States, which give Down Payment Assistance in the form of Zero Interest, Deferred Payment Second Mortgages, our Down Payment Assistance is Non-Repayable, It can be gifted without liens or second mortgages. Funds are wire transferred at closing by the 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

No Income Limits.... Unlike some or most Down Payment Assistance Programs from Cities, Counties and States, which limit Home-Buyers’ income to only 50-80% of their Area Median Household Income, FundMyHome.org does not have income limits.

Working the proper sequence.... Some or most Cities, Counties and States require Home-Buyers to first enter into Purchase Agreements and give their Sellers Earnest Deposits before they are allowed to apply for their Down Payment Assistance. Fund My Home.org approves Homebuyers before they engage Sellers into Purchase Agreements.

5 to 7 Days Approvals.... Applications can be decisioned within 5 to 7 Days of receipt of Home-Buyer’s completed Application and Supportive Documentation.

Close in 30 to 45 Days.... Home-Buyers typically close within 30 to 45 Days of signed Purchase Agreements.

Follow the process.... What we ASK our homebuyers to do. Now that you know the basics of FundMyHome.org, Help us Prepare you for a Smooth Predictable Transaction. Visit our website, Then Under the “Home-Buyers” menu, Review our Frequently Asked Questions, Review our Workflow from Application to Close, Use our Down Payment Assistance Calculator to determine the Dollar amount of your Potential Eligibility, Use Zillow.com to match the amount of your Potential Eligibility against the Market Conditions of your Local Real Estate Market, Use the USDA website to establish whether your hometown is located inside of a USDA Designated Area, Obtain your Free Credit Report and Credit Scores from Credit Karma, Conduct an Overview of your Required Supportive Documentation, Register, as our Down Payment Assistance recipient and obtain your FundMyHome.org Customer ID number.

After your completion of a small Quiz and Disclaimer about our Down Payment Assistance Program, you can call the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Counseling Department to Complete your Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Needs Analysis. The Counselors pre-qualify and provide the links to the Application Portal and Supportive Documentation Uploader. You can then submit your Application and upload your Supportive Documentation, One of our Lenders will then contact you to review your Application, Supportive Documentation and Decision your Application.

ONE LAST THING.... Be-ware that we are NOT FundMyHome.com, a Malaysian Company. We are FundMyHome.org, a United States Company. There has never been any type of business relationship between these two separate unrelated companies.

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